Marketing Strategy

Our Internet marketing services do not use cookie cutter strategies

Your website is unique. Your concerns are unique. Why pursue a marketing strategy designed for another site? Why build on their shortcomings? Why unwittingly copy their mistakes? Your business and your target market deserve better.

TrafficGeeks.Com emphasizes the STRATEGY in internet marketing services–we study your site thoroughly from the perspective of your target market.

Based on this user-centered approach, we study the specific online markets your site currently targets and determine whether it should be focusing on another market or need to reconfigure its marketing message.

Identify. Refine. Optimize.

Our approach creates a highly targeted strategic marketing based on your site and your market–we don’t merely copy your competitor’s strategy. They may be focused on the wrong goals–why copy their failures? By focusing on first principles, we set aside all assumptions and focus on the only concern that matters–RESULTS. Whether your site makes its money through ad clicks, email collection, zip code collection, or sales, your strategy should target the specific behavior you want from your site visitors.

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