QR Code Marketing

Smart phones like the iPhone ushered in a new era in mobile phone marketing. Using smart phones’ applications feature, users are empowered to do things that go beyond the mobile phone’s traditional phone, camera, and music functions. QR code or “quick response” code marketing enables mobile users to interact with offline data to access online deals. Users need only scan offline QR codes with their QR code reader phone applications to access special offers or sales webpages. QR codes use the mobile phone as a bridge between offline media and online commercial response and tracking. In effect, mobile marketing using QR codes marries the immediacy of offline media with the interactivity, rapid updates, and impulse buying of online media. QR codes take advertising and brand building to a brand new level.

TrafficGeeks.Com helps your business seize QR code marketing opportunties through the following services:

  • Market research
  • Formulating QR code marketing strategies mixing offline presence with QR codes
  • QR code design
  • QR code generator services
  • QR code reader design and distribution

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