Search Engine Marketing

Context. Relevance. These are the two words that many traditional online advertising like ad banners lack. Luckily, many search engines sell ad spots on search specific results pages. These contextual ads yield a better average return on investment (ROI) than banner ad spots.

Unfortunately, many online businesses fail to produce the results they desire with contextual ads because of bad planning, bad strategy, bad execution, or all three. TrafficGeeks.Com’s Search marketing services offer your online business the full range result-specific services aimed at finetuning your SEM campaigns. We are a complete search marketing company. In addition to the basics of Context and Relevance, our SEM services also focus on Competition and Commerciality. Based on years of providing search marketing services, it is not enough to target relevant keywords, the keywords must also have low competition and lead to revenue producing actions (sales, lead generation, or ad clicks). Our SEM goal is to help you SPEND LESS while PRODUCING MORE RESULTS.

  • Niche research
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Ad campaign planning
  • Ad writing
  • Ad testing

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