Social Media Optimization

Users drive the New Internet. Gone are the days when users go to websites for content. In the new Internet Age, the users and their social networks, ARE the content. Users trust people they have connections to.

Many websites are built around facilitating user trust through their networks. Trust facilitates both content and commerical decisions.

TrafficGeeks.Com is a social media firm that recognizes the commercial power of social networking and social media and actively helps online businesses such as yours formulate a winning social media strategy to pursue revenue-generating goals. Our social media services are the product of years of experience knowing how users interact with and push content to their social networks. We focus on producing content and strategies that aim to recruit users with online influence who voluntarily viralize client media.

We offer the following services:

  • Conceptualize media pages with both viralization and revenue goals in mind
  • Social media campaign strategy formulation
  • Identifying and establishing a presence in social networks where our media pages can be received positively
  • Integrating existing or planned media pages with other media pages
  • Cultivating social network authority through posts
  • Cultivating social media proliferation through campaign-specific contests

If you are ready to harness the power of social media and social networking for your online business, contact us today.


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